I just looked briefly at Dr. Walter Rodney’s book on how Europe underdeveloped Africa before making this post.

    I also listened to a news item that a uranium-mining company in Niger Republic is closing down its mining operations they started in 1978. I was imagining the degree of damage they would have done to the environment and the people of the Ogaden region. I am definite the people will be suffering from various diseases related to Uranium mining.

    The weaver birds in the video I made did not take permission from my neighbor who planted the tree before building their nests on the tree. They just invaded the tree. They are not concerned about the inconveniences of their noise and excrement on the roof of the house and cars around.

    Does this remind you of several things from colonialism, the multinationals exploiting mineral resources, or oil companies operating in the Niger Delta?

    It reminds me of the bars and churches around me who disturb me with loud music without giving a hoot about my health and peace of mind.

    It reminds me of Fulani herdsmen who forcefully invade your land to settle and displace you from your ancestral land.

    It reminds me of how pipelines cut across our communities, gas is being flared, and our streams, rivers, and farmlands are polluted, but we are left bare and barren and the wealth is used to develop other parts of Nigeria. It reminds me of how this same wealth from the oil is stripped by a few kleptomaniacs to build their private lives and buy properties in Europe, America, and Dubai.

    It reminds me of how we, the elite pastors, strip the poor of their pennies to live in big mansions and display conspicuous consumption.

    It reminds me of the pastor that strips the church of a general overseer that trusted him to go and build his ministry.

    It reminds me of the worker you employ that strips you of your wealth to build his own account; some even spoil your reputation with false accusations to attract intellectual harlots to themselves.

    It reminds me of my friend, who took my book, changed the title, and organised a book launch with the same contents of my book. He was preaching my concepts as if he was the originator in the same conference with me.

    It reminds me of a young girl who my wife brought in to reside with us, who was stealing our eggs to sell; she even sold our broilers because she wanted to rent an accommodation.

    There are weaver birds every where.

    It’s a spirit of impunity, insensitivity, reckless ambition, and self-centeredness.

    It’s the spirit that makes a race, tribe, or organisation think that their interests supersede the rights of others and they don’t care. It’s a primitive natural instinct of an underdeveloped mind.

    I’m presently searching for the weaver birds in my soul.

    Does it remind you of anything?

    There are weaver birds everywhere; be wise.

    God Bless You.


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