Institutionalising Motivational Living Beyond Rhetorics

    Last Sunday, we had to come do some work after service.

    Thank God for the internet; future generations will be able to review how we built this vision and improve on the process.

    Growing up in Aba and living in the Eastern part of Nigeria is a totally different reality from what I am experiencing in the Niger Delta. An adult male approached me yesterday that I should give him money to buy alcohol. I angrily told him that he was bold enough to come beg me money, a medical doctor carrying cassava to a mill to produce garri. He wants to enjoy life without working. As I was driving through the streets of Ughelli from Effurun-Otor, I saw several drinking joints filled with young men and women, drinking and eating all over the town. Several of them have no tangible investments.

    It’s 10:59 pm on Sunday, and as I’m making this post, someone just ordered a bottle of champagne for N45,000, and several have been ordered this night. I know because of the type of music that announces the delivery and comments by the hype man. In fact, the music is vibrating my house from the roof to the decking. Several of these young frolickers are from very poor backgrounds like me with no tangible assets besides, probably, a flashy car.

    Our young people need new models and mentors. The rate of internet fraud, ritual killings, harvest of human parts, and kidnapping will certainly remain high because of the this hedonic lifestyle.

    With the increase in price of garri, I had to maximize the wave. Some folks that I help financially were complaining of too much work and I have customers waiting to buy garri. I had to push them hard and threaten to take my cassava to others to process. Sometimes, I wonder if they ever imagine that if my wife and I had behaved like them, we would have reached the point where I am able to help them now.

    The young man I gave money to construct some equipment for me keeps giving excuses for his inability to deliver as promised, and he is making me spend money doing what those machines were supposed to do. I wonder how he makes profit from his business.

    Please, motivational preachers, don’t merely tell people it’s their year of double honor; demonstrate to them how to get single honor and and how to manage it, before telling them about double honor. Don’t only tell them to to receive grace to make wealth; demonstrate to them how wealth is created. Don’t tell them their problems are over; it’s not even true. Unless they change their ways of living, they will still generate more problems.

    Most of the so-called declarations we make over our members are more-or-less probabilistic rhethorics, like the possibility of successfully striking someone with a stone thrown into a large crowd. Before you motivate others, first demonstrate it with your life; if not, you are a con-artist.

    If you motivate an idiot, he becomes a more dangerous idiot. If you motivate a lazy person, you have just increased his appetite, parasitism, and entitlement-mentality.

    Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor, will be a Leadership and Entrepreneurship center.

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    God Bless You.

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