The recurrent assault of herdsmen on innocent citizens is an insult to our collective pride as a nation that we can tolerate this savagery and banditry in the twenty-first century.

We must call on all reasonable Nigerians—Muslims, Christians, Northerners or Southerners—to condemn and stop these bandits.

We have lived peacefully with herdsmen for decades; these are not true Nigerians. This is banditry and an invasion of our sovereignty. The President and the security forces must play their constitutional roles.

It is an injustice of the highest order for the economic activities of herdsmen, which constitute only a small fraction of Nigeria to lead us to war.

Why are people like Obasanjo, David Mark, Danjuma, Babaginda, Useni, Oshiomole, Gowon, Jerry Gana, Atiku, etc. not saying anything; even the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, is silent.

We can not continue with this primitive form of animal husbandry. There are more cows in Argentina, USA, South Africa, and even Kenya. Cows don’t enter classrooms and carefreeely patrol federal roads. It is even unscientific to make cows walk long distances; they waste the calories they get from feeding by trekking, and they get diseases from drinking polluted water. This form of animal husbandry is a national disgrace.

We don’t need Trump to insult us again to do what is right.

This is terrorism with impunity. We have had herdsmen with us for decades and they have lived peacefully with us.

We have had Muslims and Northerners with us for centuries. My grandfather’s name, Apoki, is even an adultrated form of aboki, which means friend, as I was told by my father. We have Hausa traders all over Nigeria. We have never seen this kind of impunity and pleasure in killings, rape, and destruction.

This is not about APC or PDP or even islamisation; you don’t kill people to convert them.

It is gross irresponsibility to tolerate this evil.

Our kings must speak up.

Our politicians must speak up.

Our legislators must speak up.

These people are a threat to our peaceful coexistence.

We must not allow a few terrorists to cripple our nation.

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