Port Harcourt, I am coming with a powerful message. 


    Moving to the next level is not just about promotion. It should also involve moving to a higher level of responsibility.

    The first commandment God gave to man was responsibility—”Tend the garden“.

    Jesus did not start with prayer and end with prayers as we are used to singing. He actually started with responsibility—”Don’t you know I should be about my Father’s Business?” It was only after that that “He grew in stature and wisdom and obtained favour from God and man“.

    Most of the prayers people are going to pray this month of prayers are selfish. They usually go along the line of: God bless me and kill enemies . . . It is responsibility, however, that leads to elevation.

    Jesus ended by saying, “It is finished“. It was after then that He was given a name above every other name. That was because he discharged his responsibility creditably.

    The parable of talents clearly shows that promotion is a factor of performance. Prayer is not a shortcut to greatness. Any prophecy of old went with responsibility.

    Africa is backward despite all our prayers because we have not learnt to see leadership as responsibility, instead of reward and attainment.

    The next thing the church in Africa needs is the level of revelational knowledge not word of knowledge to catch witches or know where charms are planted. We need to hear testimonies not of how a car nearly killed one but of how God revealed how to design a new computer application software and Google bought it for millions of Dollars. We need revelational knowledge for scientific breakthroughs and solutions to our complex political, social, economic, environmental, and health problems.

    If the God of Israel is the God we serve and they have won more Nobel Prizes than any other race, then let us start to see revelational results after speaking in tongues. After all, God is not partial.

    It was revelational knowledge that lifted Joseph, Daniel and his friends, etc. Remember that Daniel was ten times more intelligent that Babylonian witches. How come we are so afraid of witches even in the twenty first century. There are more idols in India than Nigeria, but we go there for treatment.

    Someone came to meet me after listening to me preach and asked if i was a mystic. I told him yes. If the Holy Spirit in me does not intimidate an Illuminati member, then something is wrong with me. I am more illuminated than an Illuminati. I beat all the free masonry members in my post-graduate class and they know I am intellectually ahead of them.

    Revelational grace is coming upon you in Jesus Name.

    There are levels beyond the revelational level, But I will teach them in Port Harcourt.

    Please pray for me.



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