Gain, Profit, and Losses

Always have a mental triple-columnar book of posterity in your mind.

Always ask yourself if your immediate attainments and enjoyment will translate to long-term benefits?

There are victories you might win, but they will eventually translate to losses. There are immediate perks you might gain from political office, but what legacy will they translate to? There might be immediate gains in ministry, but you might be told, “depart from me, ye workers of inequity“.

You might be enjoying sexual recklessness now; what about the consequences? You might enjoy the benefits of internet fraud, kidnapping, and extortion now, but what will it translate to?

All die nor be die. Some die na glorious departure with peace and long life. Some na painful and premature death, with shame for you and your family. It also depends on where you go spend eternity. Àll die nor be better die ooh!

Let your mind have three accounts: the gain account, the profit account, and the losses account.

Allow them to analyze your actions simultaneously.

Live intentionally and live deliberately.

Have eternity in view.

God bless you.

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