Most Church folks tend to overemphasize spirituality and the miraculous, without emphasis on responsibility and human effort.

    I once preached in a program titled “Above, not abroad”. However, all who preached travel abroad, have children abroad, and one grew because he had partners from abroad.

    Why do we preachers like to deceive ourselves? In present-day African reality, you need a combination of help from above and help from abroad. Simple.

    It is not enough to pray for a destiny-helper, you must consistently build a reputation.

    Your character is a behavioral pattern that you consistently manifest. You are described by your character. Integrity, reputation, and performance are like perfume.

    Good character and capacity are like aroma and fragrance. Aroma and fragrance are attractive.

    Bad character is like an odour. Some people are like dump trucks; anytime they open their mouths, their words and actions are offensive and repulsive.

    The tragedy is that people with body odour and mouth odour don’t know their problems. People with mouth odour don’t keep their mouths shut in public. People with body odour don’t usually stay calm in one place; they like to be everywhere.

    Worse still, very few people will be bold enough to tell them.

    Most folks don’t know how many times their attitudes have prevented then from attaining a high altitude in life.

    When you become a good brand, your destiny helpers invest in you.

    Ruth eventually became a brand.

    Remember someone is observing you.

    God Bless You.

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