Understanding The Power Play In Social Interactions

    Ruth and Social Intelligence

    Taking my bearing from Ruth 2

    Social Intelligence is a set of acquired skills and knowledge of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it to achieve your set objectives.

    It involves knowing what to say, when to say it, how to say it and to whom to say it. It involves a proper understanding of human perceptions, predictable responses, and values, and knowing how to harness them to achieve set objectives.

    You must understand the power blocks and influencers in every society you interact with.

    You can’t antagonise the press, the judiciary, Secret Service, the academia, and scientific community and entrenched political power blocks in the United States of America and hope to win a second term as a president of the United States. Trump tried it. He was brash, he antagonised CNN and several newspapers and media outlets. He later found out, with time, that one man cannot be bigger than a very functional democracy with strong institutions.

    Ruth had understanding of how to deal with a traumatised widow as a mother-in-law. She knew she needed Naomi’s permission before setting out to glean.

    Boaz knew that he needed to hear from his foreman before speaking with Ruth.

    Ruth knew that by reminding Boaz that she was a foreigner, the cultural and religious instincts of the Jew, not to be unkind to a stranger, will be stirred up in Boaz. By bowing down and describing herself as being less than Boaz’s female servants, she deflated any balloon of hatred or jealousy that would have reared its ugly head if Ruth had displayed any trace of arrogance.

    Know those who hate you or are likely to be antagonists; let your antennae be very sensitive.

    Know those you need to win to your side in the interplay of power games in your environment.

    Live intentionally; don’t be a fool like Nabal.

    Grab your opportunities very tactfully and maximize them.

    Marvin Gaye once sang in ‘Let’s Get It On‘ that “We’re all sensitive people”.

    If someone is watching you, please be very alert and watchful of others too.

    God Bless You.

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