Discretion: One of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Social Intelligence

    Taking my bearing from Ruth 3

    I said in one of the previous videos that Bethlehem, at the time of Ruth and Naomi, must have been quite a small town with a lot of gossip. Information moved round very quickly.

    Naomi heard that Boaz was winnowing his barley in his threshing floor. This is one of the terminal stages in the harvest process. Now Ruth was to plug into it.

    Remember I spoke about getting, processing, and acting on information.

    Naomi got an information, processed it, saw an opportunity, and directed Ruth to act on it. Ruth needed to act with precision. I have previously spoken on precision thinking and actions.

    Ruth listened intensely and followed the instructions to details with precision. She must wash herself and perfume herself. There must still be a reserve dress from Moab that she kept aside.

    Even Joseph had a shaving stick in prison and a change of clothes for an anticipated opportunity. Egyptians in the time of Joseph were clean-shaven; they hated beards.

    Dress with discretion. Don’t let the circumstances of life make you empty your life.

    The widow of 2 Kings 4:1-7 had a little oil left. The widow of Zarephath had a little oil and flour left.

    Don’t finish all your income. Keep something aside.

    She had to go at night not to be seen. She must wait until he was merry and taken some wine. There has to be critical distinction between her demand for Boaz to play her role as a kinsman redeemer and seducing Boaz. She must not let anybody know she came there and must leave before day break.

    Timing and secrecy was very essential. There was no chance for error.

    I now understand why the Israeli Mossad, their secret service and, in fact most covert operations by the Isreali armed forces, are very covert and with precision. It’s in their lifestyle. It’s their ancestral blessing.

    Discretion is one of the seven pillars of wisdom mentioned in the Book of Proverbs. I must sound this as a note of caution to people who reflexly make comments on social media platforms and on matters they don’t understand or disagree with.

    A friend, Charles Awuzie, posted recently about a lady who insulted him on Facebook. On checking her profile, he found out that she is a worker in a business where he was a 30% shareholder.

    Discretion teaches that someone is watching you.

    Someone is listening to you.

    Be careful.

    God Bless You.


    1. “Reflexly make comments on social media, discretion teaches that someone is watching ‘me’.

      Thank you so much sir, you’re a very wise man. I appreciate your words and writings of wisdom. More grace!

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