A BBC journalist, Zeinab Badawi, made a statement as I was about to write this post that the coronavirus pandemic has turned our values upside down. I cannot agree more.

The things we hold dear and the price we are willing to pay to achieve, retain, or preserve them are determinants of our values. Values are opportunity costs. The alternative you are ready to give up to achieve set objectives.

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I saw an American protester on TV who wrote on his placard, “Give me liberty or give me COVID-19”, a parody of “Give me liberty, or give me death!” by Patrick Henry in 1775. For this protester, liberty to move and go to work is more important than being safe from COVID-19. You can hardly see a rich or successful American talk or think that way.


In fact, most rich and successful people who have not contacted COVID-19 are locked up in their houses because they don’t want to die. The really powerful Americans who control the economy would prefer that there are enough tests and assurances before the economy is reopened.

I was wondering why poor people are not concerned about social distancing or even the virus.

For a lot of them, there is not really much to live for. If they stay indoors, they will die of hunger; if they go out, they can, at least, eat and even satisfy their fleshy desires like sex, alcohol, and some fun.

As at the time of writing this too, oil is now selling at negative prices. The price of oil is now less than the cost of production in many oil producing nations.

Factories and businesses are closed, many vehicles are not moving, and airplanes are grounded. Many airlines will go bankrupt. Storage facilities for crude oil are filled to capacity.

Nigerian crude is now being hawked because there are very few orders. There are reports that even with a discount of US $5, people are not willing to buy. Can you see what is coming? If we do not quickly find alternatives to this our undue dependence on oil, we will be in a deep hot pot of soup.

As I said in “And Isaac Sowed In The Land“, sports facilities are being converted to hospitals. Some churches in Italy were used to store coffins with dead bodies. Cooling vans were used to store corpses; even ice rinks were used to store corpses.

Relationships and traditions were broken. Grandma could not get close to grandpa on his 100th birthday. The grandchildren stood at a distance from dying grandparents. Self-preservation became the rule.

Before COVID-19, returning from overseas was a thing to be proud of; but now, sick people denied their travel history. People were scared of whoever had come from overseas.


Suddenly, religious practices and gatherings were pushed to the side. It was classified as a nonessential service in Nigeria, Iran, Italy, Saudi Arabia. and the whole world apart from Tanzania; the president of Tanzania refused to close down churches.

The demand for sanitizer and face-mask replaced the demand for anointing oil, anointed water, church bangles, and necklaces.

Suddenly, most of our personal prophecies and prophetic declarations for the year, 2020, became controversial or were being explained or revised. Many people were online struggling to defend the reputation of their papa or mama or denominations.

For the first time, people realised that their personal relationships with God and fellowship in their families was most fundamental.

Government suddenly became very powerful, regulating every aspect of our lives. To go on a walk suddenly became very valuable.

Doctors and health workers became more important than military capabilities. There were several days in developed societies where whole communities clapped, banged on pots and pans, or screamed from their windows to celebrate health workers. Hotel rooms were donated to health workers in New York city.

The daily news conferences were more important than sports news and the news from the stock market.

Cuba sent doctors to Italy to help them; most of the doctors were Black. The Italians lined the airport and were clapping for them; this is Italy where they make monkey chants during football matches. By the time you might be reading this post, Cuban doctors will be on their way to South Africa; no more xenophobia.


In the final analysis, the world came to realise the value of life and health as supreme.

One thing that surprised me was why churches donated money to the government, instead of donating money and food to their members. Thank God for several pastors who gave food and palliative materials to their members, who pay tithes and give offerings to the church. Who needs help now—corrupt federal government or your members? Most of the money sent to the government cannot be properly accounted for.

My bank sent bank charges for an account I run there; however, they donated money to the federal government. Why would they not send a small amount, even if it is 5000 Naira each, to our accounts at this time of economic lockdown. After all, they should place more value on their customers.

God Bless You.

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    I hope at the end of this covid 19 every body should learn their lesson.

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