The Iron Law of Oligarchy & The Two-tribe Theory of Under-developing Nations

The Iron Law of Oligarchy

When organisations, fellowships, or movements want to start, they usually start with an ideal; however, when they are formed and consolidated, a time comes when an elite class and a few groups of people corner the privileges to themselves and leave the majority in oppression or poverty.

And these privileges are guarded with an iron fist that makes it very difficult to be penetrated.

Apoki’s Theory of Two Tribes

The two-tribe theory of “Under-developing Nations” identifies two groups of people when a fight for liberation or independence has been successful with a united force.

In practice, there are no tribes: religious groups, north/south, or parties in such nations.

There are just the “oppressors” and the “oppressed”, the “rich” and the “poor”, the “opportunists” and those who are taken advantage of.

This elite class of people do not usually play by the rules.

The tragedy, most times, is that the Stockholm syndrome makes the oppressed fall in love with their oppressors.

Sometimes, there are rare phenomena – a third tribe that exists for humanity that belong to neither of the two tribes.

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