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Socioeconomic/Political Intelligence | Secrets of the Elite Class

Lessons of Life

  • In every society, there’s usually a small group of people that exercise control and power in every sector of the society – religion, music, fashion, politics, sports etc.
  • The elite don’t marry because of love; they are paired for control and power
  • Any man/woman that you’re subject to understands you
  • Only an elite few that are loyal to the founding fathers control the majority of the comfort and the wealth
  • The elite deliberately prepare their children to take over power and control
  • Getting is more important before giving, and the ultimate aim is control.
  • The elite build relationships they can trust
  • The elite know how to play to the weaknesses and strengths of the masses.
  • Popularity is different from influence. Influence is the ability to make people see things from your persperctive. The elite know how to exert influence.

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