When Things Go Wrong, It’s The Poor That Pay The Highest Price

When the citizenry tolerate and celebrate corruption, they eventually pay for the negative effects of idolising corruption.

1. We are bound to pay high premiums for services that a good government should provide.

2. We sink our boreholes, and some people want us to pay for our boreholes.

3. We buy electric poles and cables to connect electricity to our homes and businesses. Then some fellows will cut the wires and take it to their offices.

4. Armed robbers will rob five banks for 2 hours in a town and kill several people. There will be no response from the security agencies. It will take youths to risk their lives, block the road, and recover some of the loot and vehicles. After the robbers have gone, the police will hold a press briefing to claim the glory.

5. In a nation where the votes of the citizens don’t count, their voices and lives don’t count too.

Tragically, those who will pay the highest price are the strongest defenders of these folks.

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