I’m A Duck In The Pond

Most of those who know me at Effurun-Otor or at Ughelli know me as the doctor that uses his SUV to carry poultry manure, cassava, cucumber, and grass for his sheep. Even some people, who know me from my posts from the farm fellowship at the permanent site of Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor, might not realize that I have another life outside that environment.

A duck can swim in a pond and even dive into the water to catch a fish, but comes of the water dry and walk on land to search for food.

I can go for opportunities below my so-called ‘status’.

I know some ducks that can fly. They swim, walk, and fly.

I’m able to sleep and eat at ‘Sheraton hotel‘ in the farm at Effurun-Otor and sleep at Protea hotel, Lagos. Once, I slept in a very beautiful hotel in Nigeria, and the next day, I was sleeping on a chair at Lafto, Addis Ababa. I was treated with so respect and class in Lagos, but the next day, I was carried by a convoy of bicycles at Busia in Kenya.

I can relate with any group of persons, but they don’t ‘wet’ me because I have a protective coating on my ‘feathers’.

I can do menial jobs like driving my school bus or cleaning my poultry and still give lectures to the University community.

This flexibility and adaptation helped me acquire good education with the children of the rich and still realize that I was from the ghetto. I had classmates that were in confraternities and clubs; we were very good friends, but either I did not see the need to join or I couldn’t afford what it took to belong.

In all my interactions with people, I try to remain myself.

I can be very funny and be very harsh and strict.

Ducks can attack people. My mallard attacks my wife, but most times, it’s very peaceful.

I went with Emmanuel Adimora to Port Elizabeth in South Africa, and some white pastors wanted to treat us like trash. By the time I finished lashing them, they knew they messed up with the wrong Nigerian.

I have always sponsored most of my projects, but I’m humble and wise enough to ask for your financial and material assistance towards the establishment of Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor.

I’m your friend Dr Charles Apokiiiiii.

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God Bless You.

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