Dare To Step Into The River Jordan

Don’t wait for the perfect conditions before you do some things.

God brought the children of Israel to the bank of the River Jordan when it was widest during the rains then. During the dry season, it’s not a wide river to cross. But God chose to prove Himself strong and build the faith of the children of Israel.

I have never had it easy in life, but it has built my faith in Jehovah when I find myself on the other side of the Jordan, awaiting to enter Canaan.

When I was to go Government College Ughelli in 1972, I left a mud house at Okere for that great school; we barely managed to pay the fees and buy the basic things I needed. But I went and graduated with division one. There were times I had to smoke fish to raise money to buy stuff. There were times I had to break firewood to sell.

When I was to go to FGC Warri in 1978, I could not afford two passport photos. I had to cut my face from two group pictures I took at GCU. It worked because I wore the same shirt. The day I received my admission letter, I trekked from FGC Warri to Okere, because I couldn’t afford a taxi. But I stepped into the Jordan.

I didn’t receive an admission letter before I set out to the University of Ibadan in 1979. I stepped into the Jordan, and I got an admission letter when I got there. My father sent me off with N30. Transport fare to Ibadan was N14. Accommodation was N90, and I needed to buy books and feed. I had to borrow a suit, tie, shoes, and even a matriculation gown. I had saved N300 from teaching for one year. But I stepped into the Jordan.

I eventually got to clinical school. In the final year, I used a pair of shoes of different sizes with slightly different shades of brown. I blended them with a darker shade of brown polish. Someone bought the pen I wrote the examination with. I stepped into the Jordan, and I graduated.

I could not go for convocation because I had no transport fare to Ibadan. I stepped into the Jordan and eventually finished internship and went for National Youth Service.

When I decided to get married during National Service, I had only N54 in my New Nigerian Bank account then. I stepped into the Jordan. I eventually got married, and I spent N3000 then. I had to buy drinks on credit from Chief Emore of blessed memory. We slept on the floor with my wife’s wrapper as mat and another wrapper as curtain on our ‘honeymoon’.

I eventually got to Aba with a pregnant wife, with a six-spring Vono bed in our bedroom, which compelled me to sleep on the floor, while my wife slept on the bed. You can read more from my book ‘Refined By Hardship‘ online.

I had to fix a date for this vision I have been incubating for 9 years. I had to step into the Jordan today, no matter what, and I will take the next step tommorow by God’s grace. He has done it over and over again, and He has always used people of goodwill to help me walk through the Jordan.

I am counting on you.

I have a word for someone out there: “Dare to step into your Jordan; God is waiting for you on the other side. He started to create this beautiful world from a formless and dark earth. He formed beautiful you from dust. He called light out of darkness. Fear not! Step into your Jordan. Take the next step to your promised land. He is a faithful God; I am a witness.”

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God Bless You.

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