Speaking to Anglican Clergymen and their wives from Sabon Gida Diocese (Church of Nigeria) at the Anglican Christian Center, Ogoni-Olomu, Delta State.

    Lessons of Life

    1. I know myself, my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

    2. Because I am not smart, I read my lecture materials over and over before any program, and just before I am called up to speak.

    3. Because I don’t have a good memory, I crosscheck my details on my phone several times over before I enter the hall.

    4. Because I have never been to a Bible School and I’m going to speak to well-trained Anglican clergymen and their wives, including doctors and lawyers, I meditate on the lecture materials over and over again.

    It’s how I get fresh inspiration from the Holy Spirit. I’m taught by Him on a daily basis. When you hear from God, men pay attention to you.

    5. Because I need calmness to hear from the Holy Spirit, I hardly go late to my appointments.

    I plan and prepare all I need, including my clothes, several days before my appointments. When I arrive at the venue, I prefer to keep my mind calm and tuned to hear from the Holy Spirit. I avoid all communications as much as possible, especially congregational and denominational gossip and politics.

    6. My mind operates with an overdrive gear or an auxiliary gear and I can get easily irritated, so I try to set the ground rules.

    If you are going to distract me please go outside!

    Most of those who distract you and the audience during your lectures are not ready to change, even though they need the message most. During the praises and worship, I close my eyes, because some of the ‘dancing like David‘ are just mere exhibitionism and entertainment. Many of the ‘dance-like-David’ folks settle down to sleep when the lectures start. Some just come to church for ‘holy groove‘.

    There’s nothing wrong with this, only if they are willing to learn.

    7. I am not comfortable with, and in, a crowd and new individuals. Most times, I leave immediately after speaking. I’m a very shy and reclusive person.

    8. The devil is a liar!

    From experience, I have come to notice that if I have a great program coming up, there is usually a quarrel between my wife and I, over very stupid issues. You know I’m the only so-called man of God that quarrels with his wife; all others are angels.

    God will help me to become more angelic and religious.

    In view of the above, several days before any major lecture, I deliberately avoid anything that can cause conflict. Sometimes, it is when we are on our way to the venue that the quarrel will start.

    I have chosen to travel with my daughter and granddaughter or with an assistant. I might still get irritated on the way by some other fellows.

    I have come to realize that I am the problem, so I deliberately shut my mind.

    But nothing affects my ministration. I leave the irritated Dr. Apoki Charles on the guest speaker’s seat and have a great time on the stage. I make sure I create enough holy fun and joy for myself and my listeners.

    I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince “My honourable Panel of Judges” that I don’t need to be the best or fit into your standards to give the best to humanity.

    Know yourself and master it.

    God Bless You.

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    1. Impartial panel of judges and accurate time keepers, co-debators and ladies and gentlemen. You’re good.

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