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Don’t Look Down On Anyone

The human being is a progressive and continuous revelation of potentials.

(S)He is a progression of the revealed glory of Jehovah.

Humans are not described as ‘matured’; they are said to be ‘mature’. Matured connotes a terminal stage, set for consumption. A human being ideally goes through divine complete metamorphosis.

The egg, larva, and pupa stages do not resemble the mature butterfly. The most dynamic stages, the caterpillar and the adult butterfly do not have any resemblance.

What a person will become might not resemble his mature profile.

You are a building under construction. God has not finished with you don’t give up on yourself.

My friend in this story kept telling his mother when he was riding a rickety motorcycle that he will take her overseas. As at the time time I made this video, he had taken her to 7 nations of the world.

Learn to laugh at those who make mockery of you.

Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered the heart of men what plans God has for you; if not, you might be killed prematurely. God’s goodness goes beyond this lifetime.

My town folks once made mockery of my father because he was a refuse collector at Warri. Some years back, I was the guest speaker at the annual conference of the Christians in the community. After I finished speaking, an old man walked to my car and said “Is this not the son of Emekpu we used to make mockery of?

If the Lord prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies, please have a strong appetite to eat. Don’t worry, your enemies will wash the dishes.

God bless you.

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