The Multiplicative Power of God

    In a previous post, we talked about Extractable Value. Today, we’ll be talking about the multiplicative power of God.

    It is the ability that is inherent and planted in every one of us and in nature to multiply.

    One of the first commandments given to man is, “Be fruitful and multiply“. Fruitfulness is meeting generational expectations. If you can’t meet the expectations of your generation, then you are not fruitful.

    In a previous post, I took manure to the farm, and I told you I will come back with a harvest of cucumbers. In the picture, you can see watermelon seeds in the plate. Each of those seeds can give me big watermelon fruits.

    Each individual, has inherent potential trapped within. Man and nature are designed to be productive.

    For a child to be conceived, a healthy male can produce an average of 100 to 250 million sperm cells. Out of that lot, one fertilises an egg. A female can produce an egg every month when she attains maturity.

    When God said, “subdue the earth”, it means the earth is capable of producing multiple times because it has the nature of God, and it is the responsibility of man to control it.

    Inside each cucumber are hundreds of seeds that can multiply and produce hundreds of cucumber fruits.

    A company in Thailand has been producing seeds for more than 100 years. The family that runs the company has been tapping into the multiplicative nature of God from generation to generation.

    What do you have in your hands? The power of God to multiply is trapped in it

    If Africans can remove their minds from the perspective of demons, witches, ancestral curses, and cursed lands, we would grow rapidly.

    These fruits were planted and harvested from my farm in Effurun-Otor where my ancestors worshipped idols. However, there has been no curse on me and my plants. I studied and gained knowledge about the process of multiplying the seeds, so I don’t need to worry about what my ancestors did.

    What you need most times is not fasting and praying. What you need most times is not necessarily sowing of seeds. Inside you, there are seeds of different kinds and potentials. To extract the potential embedded in them, you will need knowledge, training, skills, mentoring, and preparation.

    Preparation of your ground to extract the value trapped in the seeds requires good education, good character, people who can develop the ideas you have in you.

    If you keep taking stones from other people’s hills and put them on your molehill, it will turn to a mountain someday. There is a multiplicative power in every person and nation, even in individuals we do not consider as Christians. It is in the nature of God. You may have remained small, unproductive, and stagnant because you don’t know how to multiply and grow what is in your hands.

    One of the things we’ll do at Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor, is to train and teach Africans and people from other continents on how to multiply resources, talents, and what they have in their hands, so we can meet the vision of raising one million millionaires in Nigeria and in Africa. It is very possible; it is not worthliness, but expressing the godliness inside of us.

    Multiplication and productivity is godliness. If you are not fruitful, God is angry with you. Jesus cursed the fig tree. The master cursed and punished the servant that refused to multiply his talent.

    Productivity, expansion, growth, and increase is the nature of God. The earlier you realise that and the earlier you turn your efforts, anointing, and prayers to productivity, the better for us all.

    God Bless You.

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