In the first post, we looked at the first commandment man received, which is to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. We continue on the attitude of responsibility and replication, and the reward attached to it.

    When I was asking God where to invest my anointing, where to go to for ministry, I heard, specifically, that there is enough initiative in me to know how to invest my life. In the Parable of Talents, the master did not tell the servants where to invest. In fact, he reminded me of the unproductive servant, who was so indolent that he did not invest, that he should have taken the money to the money changers. That would have been yielding usury, and he would have been making passive income, even if he didn’t want to work for the master.

    Unproductivity, inability to multiply resources, inability to take initiative, inability to know opportunities that are available, inability to straightaway maximize opportunities are some factors that are responsible for the backwardness of most African countries. And prayers, fasting, anointing oil, calendars, first fruits, etc., will not change it. No matter how much we pray, our lives will not change until the black man takes initiative, knows how to manage and multiply resources, and knows how to be productive.

    You will see the response of the average Nigerian, when there is a problem, as: “It is well“, “God will deal with them“, “God is in control“, “The Lord is watching them“, “There is God Oh“, “God will do this or that“. That depicts the peak of irresponsibility; it is outsourcing duty to God. The primary duty of man is responsibility, reproduction, multiplication, and duplication.

    One of the things we must know in Africa is that the reason you are employed, the reason your mother gave birth to you, the reason you are a grandchild, the reason you are alive is that whatever is given to you should do better in your hands.

    The Bible says that “A righteous man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children“. If Africans have been leaving inheritances for their children’s children and their children’s children are leaving inheritances for their children’s children, we will not be where we are today; the world will not be where we are now.


    Any time responsibility lands on the desk of a man/woman, and he/she does not improve on it, he/she is bewitching the society; he/she is a clog in the wheel of progress in the society. The best thing to have in any society or around you is to have people who can run with your ideas, do better things with your ideas, manage your resources better than they were given, manage opportunities better than you. Most times, it is true, we celebrate the person who scores the goals, but the person who passes the ball anticipates that his teammate will score the goal; he expects that his team player will harness and maximize his efforts, and achieve results for the team.


    Although the sugarcane has blossomed, it is not enough to just harvest it. If a white man harvests the sugarcane, he will, most likely, turn it to sugar. There will be bagasse produced, which would be used to produce energy to generate electricity. Molasses will be produced, which would be used for brewery. The chaff can be used to produce paper. Aginomoto can also be produced. I might be celebrating this harvest—and in fact, the sugarcane was devoured within the next 24 hours—however, there is another deposit in the sugarcane that was harvested; I should have brought it out.

    For every man or woman, the reward that God can give to you, for whatever you have in your hands, is determined by your ability and responsibility to duplicate your resources, multiply it, be fruitful with it, and generate more results with it. In fact, your reward is a report card of your initiative, productivity, and your ability. Even for the man who was healed, whose friends burst through the roof, there was effort expended before there was the miracle. Even for Blind Bartimaeus, effort was put in; he shouted out, even though they wanted to shut him up, and Jesus called him. It was effort that produced results. Mary is venerated today, but she had to push Jesus out from her womb; there was no midwife around to assist her.

    Reward is as a result of your responsibility, duplication, and multiplication.


    If the church in Nigeria spends more time being responsible, duplicating the good and right messages they hear in church, and what they read in the Bible in the society, we will be more efficient and productive. If our leaders duplicate what they see in the United States and Europe when they travel, our countries will be more developed and progressive. If good men duplicate themselves, they will spend less energy righting wrongs. Even the anointing we run after, if we can duplicate it in people, we pastors will pray less, spend less energy fasting, and spend more time being productive.

    The African, most times, thinks he can sidetrack responsibility, multiplication, replication, and duplication. The reward of any developing and progressive society is a responsible citizenry—it’s a society that has learnt how to maximize men, materials, money, and moments.

    Whatever you see in your life is, most times, a result of what you did well or what you failed to do well.

    God Bless You.


    1. Always on point sir…. Our country need people like you sir that always speak the truth for people to get loose from their bondage. Am blessed to read this💪

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