There is this on-going CNN promotion for Quest Means Business featuring Richard Quest and a lady whose penny fell from her purse. The penny was picked up by Quest and handed over to her and she said offhandedly replied that it’s just a penny. Quest was shocked that she could treat a penny with so much disregard. He made a profound statement that, “it all starts with a penny”. He said further that it is not how many pennies we have but what we do with them.

    The pictures above show stems of green bell pepper with very fresh fruits in my compound. It was not deliberately planted; it was from the waste water from the kitchen that one of the children poured there.

    Towering above it is an ube (bush pear or African plum) tree that is usually eaten with maize in Nigeria. It was not deliberately planted too. Someone threw an ube fruit some where in the compound and it grew. It was then transplanted there.
    Next is this mango tree with fruits. It was also eaten by someone and discarded. We found it growing and transplanted it too.
    You can also see the Avocado tree; it is also the outcome of the same process.


    1. Fruitfulness and the desire to bring out trapped potentials is an intrinsic nature of God in all living things, including you.

    2. Your value is intrinsic even when men treat you shabbily. A dirty one-dollar bill is of the same purchasing value as a neat one. Even when it is carelessly thrown away it is still a one-dollar bill. Sometimes, even when it is torn apart, it can still be mended and still have the same purchasing power.

    3. IT IS NOT HOW MEN TREAT YOU THAT IS IMPORTANT. Choose to bring out the good that is in you; don’t let circumstances bring you down to the level of unfruitfulness. CHOOSE TO BRING OUT THE GOOD THAT IS IN YOU.

    4. Create something of value no matter where you are.

    5. Imagine how many things, people, opportunities, and resources that would have blossomed to bless you and humanity that you have thrown away.

    6. The seeds that were discarded were done within our territory (my compound) and that was why they could be reclaimed when they blossomed. If they were thrown into another compound, even if they were originally mine, I would have no claim over them. Sometimes we throw away little gem-seeds that might bless to other territories out of ignorance and carelessness and when they blossom, it might be too late to reclaim.

    7. We saw value in these discarded seeds and transplanted them.

    My prayer is that God will make people see the great future in you and properly locate you just like Pharoah’s daughter rescued and relocated Moses.

    My prayer for you is that God will open your eyes to know how to maximize the little seeds we throw away to become more fruitful in your life.

    You shall not die with your seeds.


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