1. I have never deceived my self that I am a strong man of God; never ever.

    2. In my battles with sexual attraction to other females, who are innocently living their lives, I realized that an empty mind is easily filled with rubbish.

    William Thayer in his book, “Gaining Favour with God and Man” stated that every mind is tempted by Satan, but an empty mind tempts Satan.

    3. In view of number (2), I deliberately fill my mind with physical images of my wife.

    These images are frozen in my mind and I move with them in my mind. That’s why you must marry someone you are physically attracted to.

    Women must deliberately display their ‘assets’ for their husbands at home.

    I don’t see any need for the outright exhibitionism by married women in the streets.

    Be modest outside, but seduce your husband at home. Wear those seductive night gowns and underwear for him at home.

    Deliberately dress up in his presence; don’t mind our hypocrisy as men of God. We like to see the nakedness of our wives.

    It is better he stares at your bums, breasts, hips, and ‘Bermuda triangle‘, than to go staring outside.

    Goat when bellefull for house, nor dey waka any how.

    Oyibo dog when them train to eat for plate nor dey eat for sand sand.

    Oyibo dog when dey used to better food nor dey eat shit.

    There is something about seeing something over and over again, and at a point, it gets fixated on your mind.

    4. I deliberately enjoy the moments I spend with my wife.

    For me, it’s like cooking Nigerian beans. I deliberately avoid the stones and bad bean seeds. I concentrate on the sweetness of the good times.

    Life is too short to spend time thinking of evil and things that are toxic to my mind.

    We have been working and doing business from when we 24 and 26 years respectively.

    I must confess to you that most days there are up to three things, if not properly managed, that can ruin the marriage.

    We have developed a very elastic ability to understand, forgive, and tolerate each other, especially my wife.

    I treasure and fixate these memories in my mind. I can remember several of them, even as an writing from 35 years back.

    Some memories are like diamonds; I will go to my grave with them. They will never fade.

    5. Marriage and fidelity mimic sailing in a boat together.

    When the waves splash water into boat, learn to bail the water out, if not, you will both sink. The consciousness that the boat can sink makes you take all the precautions.

    This is the concluding message on my lectures that began with Erection, Direction and Destination.

    I will do a series on “Ten people you cannot help”.

    God Bless You.

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