Don’t stare at the breasts and buttocks of a woman who is not your wife.

1. Men are attracted by what they see.

It started from Adam; he exclaimed when he saw Eve.

David stared; he committed adultery and murder.

The fashion, music, and film industry know that and they use it to target customers.

2. Sex and sexuality are being hawked in the streets.

Breasts and bums are either exposed or packaged to arouse male sexual interest.

It takes a lot of grace not to fall in this generation.

3. I will be very hypocritical if I tell you I’m not attracted or I don’t get tempted.

4. I have learnt not to to stare or concentrate on what I’m seeing.

It is the staring that steers the wheel of your life towards the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ in between her legs.

The Bermuda triangle is a strange area in the Atlantic Ocean where ships disappear.

Be careful; many have gone before you.

God bless you.


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