The Joy Of Service

The agony of the Cross set me free. He put laughter in my heart.

I love me, and being me makes me happy.

Most rich people derive joy from making money.

They derive joy from service.

The satisfaction of their customers is uppermost in their minds.

Money is not their primary target.

They leave the following M’s in the hearts of their clients.

M1 – Memory

Leave a good memory in the minds of your clients.

M2 – Meaning

Create a meaning, a value they go home with about themselves, your product, and life.

M3 – Money

Save them money and time and stress

M4 – Momentum

Let your customers leave with an enhancement, spring, speed, a sense of being special, and the drive to live the good life.

I’m not competing to be like anyone else.

I’m a free spirit of God in human flesh.

I manufacture happiness in my heart.

I don’t care who hates me; let them show me those their likeness has helped.

I compete with myself; I’m a divine project and a unique phenomenon

I’m a non-conformist, but I am a good citizen. conformist

I’m enjoying old age.

God Bless You.

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