About a year ago, my wife started a poultry farm in our residence. We had converted the old fish ponds to poultry houses. and I discovered that poultry business is not easy. However, to break limits, here are some tips that have helped me and my family, in whatever business we set out to do.

    Lessons Of Life

    Plan for future emergencies before they happen

    The father of the prodigal son did not send people to the market before preparing a feast for him. Everything he needed to prepare a feast were his own and within his estate.

    Givers can lack; it is producers that hardly lack

    Rich nations and people try as much as possible to produce as much as they can, and buy only what they can’t produce. The poor, however, produce less than what they sell. If they sell their time, energy, and skills to government and employees for a salary, they spend most of it buying things they don’t own or even need.

    That’s the problem with most African nations—we buy or import most things we consume; and we have a big appetite.

    Do small things with a great mindset

    Never be bigger than your business; if you do, your business will become smaller than your reputation.

    Your presence should always have a positive/driving effect on your business (Barr. M. O. Okeya).

    You are not a director unless you regularly give positive directions to your business.

    Passion attracts transaction

    It is not compulsory that I do what I love, but it is mandatory to love what I do.

    It is the way you eat bitter kola that will make someone to beg you for it.

    Most transactions are emotionally done.

    A university certificate that cannot transform your finances is only a receipt for time and money spent on campus.

    Being normal will only make you resemble every other person, no distinctions

    I recently had an executive delivery of poultry birds using a car. The customer bought 20 broilers. He told me that you must be mad to Make A Difference.

    One of them shit for my body, but fowl money nor dey smell oh!

    I be doctor when dey sell fowl, I nor sabi shame oh.

    Police station nor dey get padlock for outside, nor be normal building.

    I nor sure say I be normal person; I dey above normal.

    Have you noticed that those t-shirts with “My money grows like grass” are no longer in the circulation? It is a false statement not based on reality.

    Happy new year.

    God Bless You.


    1. Happy new year Sir, pls always post your messages to me. They are very rich. I need them seriously. May God continue to bless you sir. Where can I get your books ?.

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