Lessons of My Life

    Plan for decades, but act on daily basis on your yearly targets.

    Maximize each moments on a daily basis.

    Twenty five years ago, I had no money to buy chicken during Christmas holidays while I was at Aba, Abia State.

    I was a young medical doctor and a parent.

    I had two paralyzed parents at Otokutu (Ughelli South LGA) who were dependent on me, and we needed to send food to them on Christmas day. I had to buy 3 kg of chicken legs and necks. We managed to prepare some tomato stew and rice, and left early for Otokutu. My parents ate the food we prepared, but I don’t know if they understood what happened.

    That same Christmas season, we had to buy 2 bunches of plantain on credit from Akwa Ibom State, all the way from Aba.

    This year we sold chickens to the elite around us.

    We also prepared several chickens to host more than a hundred people on December 26th, and we shall be doing it every year.

    I gave scholarship to 12 (twelve) children from my hometown, Otokutu.

    This is the same me who could hardly pay school fees.

    Plantains are not my problem today. We gave plantains out to people this year.

    Don’t concentrate on last year and the challenges you are facing now. Plan for the next decade. Plan for your old age.

    The pains of today should make you more determined to make the best out of the future.

    Remember, your five-year-old child will be preparing to enter university ten years from now. Your fifteen- year-old daughter will most likely be wedding ten years from now.

    The price of land in your city will probably be 10 times what it is now.

    Wishing you a glorious decade ahead!

    Your pains shall become your testimonies in Jesus name. Amen.

    God Bless You.


    1. Your story is full of motivation sir ! and always giving people hope that there is still a brighter future if only effort and determination is applied.
      Thanks a lot for giving back to the society.

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