We decided that the Word and Wisdom Conference on Easter Monday, 22nd Apirl, was to provide a platform to showcase young women doing great exploits.

    Tertiary education and certification frequently become a sentence to a specific and often monotonous paid job. Our resource persons have proven that you can study a particular course and become famous and rich, while adding value to people’s lives from a totally different thing.


    Our resource persons
    1. Accountant, turned fashion designer. One of the top fashion brands in Rivers state.
    2. Barr. Ajiri Owhofasa, Masters degree holder in law, legal practitioner, and producer of Banga paste.
    3. Michelle Ekure, Graduate of International Relations, HOD Department of Leather Works FUPRE Vocational Centre, CEO Michelle Leather Works: a growing shoe brand worn by celebrities like Alibaba.
    4. Engr. Emem, Manager of Chefac Fish Farms Ltd. 

    Barrister Ajiri Ohwofasa holds a master’s degree in law but produces banga paste.


    She found out that how to cook banga soup is one of the most searched phrases on Google. She detests preparing the banga paste because she comes home from her office tired. So, she decided to prepare banga paste in advance in cans and refrigerate them. She only needs to defrost them when she needs to cook banga Soup. From that, a business, she started with an initial capital of 5000 Naira emerged. Today, she sends canned banga paste to customers in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja. She gave me a can as a gift when I went to preach at the Church Reloaded at Ugborikoko. In fact, the banga rice I ate today is from that can. It is so thick and fresh; I had to eat the banga rice twice for lunch and dinner.

    If you want more information about her banga paste, you can call me and I will link you with her.

    Emem Aniekan Amos came to Delta state for the compulsory National Youth Service. She served in a fish farm. At the end of her Youth Service, she was employed by the company. She was working with some young men.


    One day, there was need to harvest the fishes in a pond but the boys were nowhere to be found. She told her boss that she could harvest the pond. She had video-recorded the process on her phone. To the surprise of her boss, she changed her clothes and entered the pond. Harvested the catfishes and changed to the beautiful lady she is. She was subsequently made manager of the farm. Today, she has 20 men working under her and she manages one of the biggest fish farms in Delta State; she also renders consultancy services to people. I know the farm; I was instrumental in the acquisition of the land for the ponds. You need to see her selling catfishes to women from as far as Bayelsa state. At a tender age she is the manager of a multimillion-Naira company.

    If you need her services you can contact me.

    Michelle Ekure is the CEO of Michelle Leather Works and HOD of Leather Works Department, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Vocational Education Centre.

    She studied History and international relations from the University of Benin. She went into shoe production by divine inspiration (according to her story) after she resigned from a job whose owner was good at not paying salaries for months. She met a man who she wanted to train her. She learnt shoe-making, read a lot online, and developed her skills. She has produced shoes for people like Alibaba, the comedian, who introduced her to other megastars. She was introduced to the online world by Alibaba. Her Pastor, Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Church, has at one time won her shoes. The Delta State Government gave her an award some years back in recognition of her entrepreneurial spirit. She is on Instagram as michelleathers.

    Mrs. Benedicta Ejorh is the CEO Ebi-Bellas Fashion Place Ltd., Port Harcourt. She studied Accountancy in the University but insisted that she wanted to going into fashion and designing business despite several job options.

    She started with a sewing machine left behind for her by a sister. She saw her future in that machine. The beginning was very tough and rough. She and her husband currently run a multimillion-Naira fashion business in the oil city of Port Harcourt and she employs several workers. She is currently the Head of Department of Fashion and Textile Design Department at Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun. Her Instagram page is Ebi-bellas fashions.

    Books & lecture materials on display.


    Rev. Samson Bodjor and CEO of Ebi-Bellas Fashion Place Ltd., Port Harcourt.

    We had an interesting Q&A session. The conference started by answering questions on how I started life.

    Rev. Samson Bodjor, as usual, was in his elements. He spoke on things you need to do, things you needed to act on, and things and people you should give up.

    Most people left the conference stimulated to do better. Some young ladies told me that they were more confident to do exploits outside their areas of certification.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, 27th April, 12 noon during my 60th Birthday/Book Launch at Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli.

    God Bless You


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