Speaking on Saturday, the 23rd of June, to Youths at Redeemed Christian Church of God near Mega Chicken, Ikara Estate, Lekki, Lagos. Discussing the bitter truths of the Nigerian Political System.

    Text: Proverbs 22:7

    The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.

    My take

    1. The Not Too Young To Run bill does not translate to a “Not Too Young To Win” bill.

    You can run but you might not win. The way the system is structured such that poor youths will be armed and given money to rig elections against their fellow youths.

    2. Isn’t it highly possible that poor youths will sell their votes for 20,000 Naira or less to an older man from my corrupt generation?

    3. As great as the idea is, it is mostly youths from established families that are most likely to contest. It will turn out to be another way of putting the fingers of their children in the pie.

    4. Youths who will be sponsored by my wicked generation will just end up as puppets in the hands of the same evil generation that has held Africa and Nigeria bound for years.

    5. The youths are not strategic in their desire for a new Nigeria.

    We have too many youths dissipating energy in trying to become leaders without political structures. Youths who fought for the independence of Africa had a critical mass by forming movements. Some involved West African students overseas.

    6. From the way the youths curse at each other with very foul language online, without intellectual content, I’m afraid if they will not be worse than my generation.

    The loyalty of a majority of the youths and those who might abuse me after reading this post is towards tribalism, religion, regionalism, and to their political godfathers.

    When Ahmed Musa of Super Eagles had a ball crossed to him by Victor Moses and he scored, the whole nation erupted in joy. The pass was neither Islamic nor Christian; the goal was for Nigeria. I was waiting for a flight at an airport at the time of the football match. We all jumped up. Security men hugging passengers. I’m sure even federal SARS would have hugged yahoo boys they wanted to extract ‘tithe’ from.

    7. There are too many unorganized and insignificant opposition parties in Nigeria.

    Nigerian youths under a good leader, even if he is from my generation, must urgently organize a national youth conference and several rallies in the states with the purpose of uniting these parties and forming a coalition to save Nigeria. They must avoid violence.

    8. The youths should first contest for smaller offices they can win in various states and Local Government elections; from the coalition of small victories they can gradually change Nigeria.

    This can only be possible if states do not conduct local elections. State electoral bodies are greatly compromised by governors.

    9. My son’s classmate is contesting for House of Representatives in Abia State.

    We lived in the same street at Aba. However, she is a product of a deliberately planned family desire to lead and serve. Her grandfather is a king and a retired major; her uncle is a general in the army, her father is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria; her mother is a senior lawyer. She is a medical doctor in Abuja. Her younger brother is UK-trained Master’s degree holder in Law. Her father contested for this same office and is a former commissioner.

    You might not understand what I mean. They are a brilliant and lovely people to the core, however, there is a point I’m making. Even when there was no visa requirements to the UK a very long time ago, why did my elder brothers not go?

    Ovwigberhe kpo ore ri inorkooh . . .” it means poor people do not attend parties overseas; only the wise will.

    History has repeatedly shown that if poor youths sacrifice their blood to save a nation, the elite and their children eventually enjoy the bounty of the victory.

    My generation went for political independence without financial and intellectual independence. Though we are free, we are still slaves to our colonial masters.

    Remember the rich rule over the poor.

    I chose to break away from poverty more than 50 years ago even in primary school; now my children can compete with the children of the elite I looked up to in those days.

    Rulers and leaders are strategic long-term planners.

    God bless great Nigerian youths.

    God bless Nigeria.


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