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Tag: education in Nigeria

I’m Encouraged!

A donor and partner from Abuja sent the message below back in May when this video was recorded. He paid for sand and sent money to cook for the women […]

Institutionalising Responsibility

There are times I wonder why I do the things I do in life? There is a greater force that controls my choices, contrary to my natural self. It’s true […]

There Is A Child In Every Adult

There is a child in every adult; if you keep that child in you alive, life and living become a bundle of fun. The child in me has refused to […]

Institutionalising Intellectual Tourism

Don’t always evaluate your Intellectual worth through the eyes of those around you. The natives who dwell at the foot of mountain Kilimanjaro or Mount Everest don’t value them because […]

Institutionalizing The Passion

I am very passionate about my vision to raise one million African entrepreneurs. It has taken me through different denominations in Nigeria and several cities within and outside Nigeria. I […]

Institutionalising The Vision

Transforming lives has been my passion since I started ministry. I took care of children in a remand home at Ovom, Aba. I took care of prisoners with now Bishop Mensah […]