Resuscitating a Dying Nigeria

    Please this post is not for juvenile social media dump trucks.

    Intellectual “dump trucks” carry only discarded ideas of other people. Many of such junk ideas are pollutants. Anytime a dump truck opens its ‘mouth’ only offensive odour emanates from it. Some people, especially religious, regional, political, and psychological dump trucks can never have a contrary view without spilling out rubbish. I don’t tolerate that. You can comment like a reasonable person or move on to your dump site.

    That Nigeria is in a very critical state is best exemplified by our president going to the UK for medical check up. That’s a wise decision for him on a personal note. A sick person, even a healthy person needs regular medical checkup. The tragedy is that the collapse of our health sector that necessitates his going to the UK for medical check up, just like Atiku went to Dubai to take the Covid-19 vaccine, is a sign of a system failure.

    Those who benefit from this decay and destruction never see it or feel it. They and their fellow maggots thrive on the decay just as vultures like dead animals.

    There was a painful picture of a vulture waiting for an African child to die of starvation in Sudan in 1993. The photographer, Kevin Carter, that took the picture flew out in a helicopter that came to rescue him. That image continued to haunt him.

    Those waiting for this nation to die think they will fly out when the vultures come for the carcass of Nigeria; they will not succeed. The spirit of Nigeria and dead Nigerians will haunt them no matter where they run to.

    The time has come for a new political system. I have said this on different platforms, but let me say it again. To break the evil spirit of religious, tribal, regional, and political rape of this nation, let’s do the following.

    1. Use the six geopolitical zones to elect a six-man presidential council. INEC and the council of ex presidents and ex vice presidents should conduct an election to pick the sequence of rotation of the presidential spokesperson.

    2. The presidential spokesperson is for a two-year period until the six zones have had their turn.

    3. In this way, in 12 years, all the zones of this country would have had a presidential spokesperson from their area and a president for 12 years.

    4. Each of these members of the presidential council will handle a portfolio ranging from external affairs, international affairs, finance, works and housing, petroleum resources, and defense. They will each have a minister of state from their zone to balance the political structure in their zone.

    5. There should be no national parties. Parties should be confined to their geopolitical zones.

    6. Campaigns should be limited to the geopolitical zones.

    7. A geopolitical zone can recall their presidential council representative if he is not performing satisfactorily, incapacitated, or corrupt.

    8. There will be regional parties in the zones, states, and local government councils.

    9. State electoral bodies will cease to exist and INEC will be solely responsible for the conduct of elections.

    10. The Senate should be scrapped because of the existence of the presidential council.

    11. Salaries of the House of Representatives members should be the same as that of Director Generals in the Federal ministries.

    12. The impunity clause should be removed for Governors and their deputies.


    1. It will reduce the political tension between different nationalities in the country.

    2. Each geopolitical zone will elect the best presidential council representative.

    3. We will have a presidential council that has more competent people and is more representative of the different nationalities in Nigeria.

    4. It will reduce the cost of politicking by limiting them to their geopolitical zones.

    5. With reduction in the privileges, salaries, and emoluments of members of the presidential council and other political office holders, the cost of politics and governance will reduce.

    6. One individual and his cronies cannot hold our nation to ransom for eight years.

    7. At the state level, with state and local parties and INEC conducting the elections, there will be better representation at the local government councils.

    These suggestions and others to come are subject to robust Intellectual debates. I know that those who benefit from the rottenness in this nation will fight against it, but if reasonable people come up with a strong voice, we can effect changes.

    There are other inputs needed, but, definitely, we can’t continue like this.

    God bless you.

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