Institutionalizing The Passion

    I am very passionate about my vision to raise one million African entrepreneurs. It has taken me through different denominations in Nigeria and several cities within and outside Nigeria.

    I have spoken to several organisations and co-operative societies on leadership and entrepreneurship.

    The special advisor to the Delta State Government on entrepreneurship, Barr. Mrs. Iyasere Mary has invited me to the Unity Hall at the Government House, Asaba, to give a lecture on entrepreneurship. She has featured me on radio and TV to lecture and answer questions on entrepreneurship.

    Salimo Wits Foundation, Lagos, has partnered with us to train entrepreneurs, with several of our participants establishing their own businesses. However, the effect of practical demonstration and visualisation of concepts is more effective in transforming lives.

    Elija told Elisha, “If you can see me being…“. That’s the big defect in our educational system and our denominations: practical demonstration of what we teach and preach.

    On April 27th, 2021, I will be 62 years old.

    I have always funded my projects from my finances, but this is a very big project that will benefit us all. Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor, will be a place where lives will be charged and changed to change their environment.

    Be a partner in this great project by contributing to the project either in terms of finances or materials. If you have been a beneficiary of my ministry, contribute to this great vision that will be a blessing to humanity.

    The best way to preserve a legacy is to institutionalize it.

    You can donate (in Naira and foreign currency) with these platforms (Paypal and Paystack) using these links:

    God Bless You.

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