Institutionalising His Kingdom On Earth

    Even though I am a member of the Church of God Mission International Inc, I relate and fellowship with several denominations. I respect and appreciate your doctrinal point of view. As long as you mention the name of Jesus as Lord and savior, I try to find a common ground for fellowship.

    A husband and a wife that listens to my radio program on Quest FM Radio, 93.1, every Wednesday by 6:30 a.m. called and asked if I could speak to the women of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Delta conference, during their convention? I agreed with no strings attached.

    They have also come to the Farm Fellowship International. They were worried about honorarium, but I told them I would come to speak for free. We had a great time during the lecture on entrepreneurship.

    The world speaks one language when it comes to money. The world understands one language when it comes to poverty.

    On the 16th of April, the leadership of the SDA Women Ministries, Delta conference, came to “Sheraton hotel” for Farm Fellowship.

    My life has been dedicated to uniting the body of Christ and sharing unfettered Fellowship with Christians and even Muslims from different Nations. We have seen that during our Word and Wisdom conferences; people from different faiths attend.

    Petra Institute, Effurun-Otor, will be a melting pot of unity in diversity. We will share the joy of the lord together.

    “Sheraton hotel” will be replaced by “Airport Hotel”. One of our partners in the United Kingdom sent 100,000 Naira to reinforce “Sheraton hotel” because of a storm that nearly blew it apart. I kept the money, and I have added some money, and we are setting up a more solid structure that will act as a store, a cassava-processing mill, and a shelter.

    One of our partners paid for the three cassava-processing machines.

    Partner with us to bring a little piece of heaven closer to the Body of Christ.

    We must learn to live together joyfully on earth here if we are to live together in heaven.

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    God Bless You.

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