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Passion @ 60

One day in the year 2000, I was on my bed at Ughelli wondering if I had made a mistake selling the hospital.

I was depressed and confused, broke and lonely, after selling the medical practice at Aba.

Then I saw lucky Dube, a South African musician singing, “Wayo! Wayo!!, Wayo! Wayo!!” on TV.

My spirit told me that when you start preaching, put your life into it like this man puts into his music. Do it with all your life!

I learnt that it is the way you eat bitter kola that makes someone beg you for it.

I put my life into all that I do. I’m passionate about life and living.

Passion, passion, commitment, commitment.

Again, I say passion and passion, commitment and commitment are essential ingredients for excellence in any sphere of life.

Very few people believe that I’m a very shy person, but when passion takes over, it overcomes my shyness.


1. Monday, 22nd April, 2019, is Word and Wisdom Conference.
Time: 10 a.m.
Venue: Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli.

2. 60th Birthday and Book Reveal/Launch
Date: Saturday, 27th April 2019
Time: 12 Noon
Venue: Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli.

God Bless You.


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