Even as we celebrate, it can only get better.

On Saturday, April 27th, there’ll be a celebration and book launch/reveal – “Refined by Hardship (Lessons From My Early Life)“. at Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli.

We are expecting my classmate, Engr. Mathew Edevbie, CEO Income Electrix to give a lecture.

Lessons of Life

* Don’t describe a man by his challenges.

* Our paths to greatness do not need to follow the same route.

* Hardship can either define or refine you.

* Caterpillars don’t resemble butterflies. But time, time, and time creates the butterfly from the caterpillar. You can see where I’m coming from.

* Sometimes, the greater the glory the longer the gestational period.

Elephants get pregnant for 22 months.

What separates American navy seals from others is the hardship of the training.

The first picture was taken when I laid the first concrete block of our school with the prize in view. The last picture is 20 years later.

In between is God’s grace and hard work.

Pastors and youths, be patient, God is faithful.

God Bless You


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