Speaking over the weekend at Auchi to undergraduates from campus fellowships all over Nigeria. 

    Lessons of Life

    Living forever is not necessarily trying to be forever youthful on earth or escaping earth to eternity in Heaven. If you want to live for ever,

    1. Mentor young people

    Share your knowledge and experiences with them.

    1. Methods

    Share with them how you reached where you are now. Share your challenges and how you overcame them. Don’t behave like a superhero, who doesn’t go through any trials or temptations; it discourages them.

    1. Moments

    Share your moments with them. I don’t have many old friends; most of my friends are less than 40 years. I spend a lot of time with them talking, teaching, and traveling to preach with them.

    1. Modelling

    Create a mould and models for them to improve upon.

    1. Memories

    Leave great memories with them. Memories are like diamonds and diamonds are forever.

    1. Network

    Introduce them to men who can help them grow; they will hardly forget you.

    1. Money

    When they are in need, assist them with money (I mean productive ones). Don’t become Father Christmas/Santa Claus for irresponsible people.

    1. Mark

    Leave a mark in their lives. It could be encouragement, rebuke, or punishment. I’m usually a very hard fellow.

    1. Momentum

    Push them and put them under pressure to face the realities of life.

    1. Praise

    Always praise them and publicise their products. Hide their weaknesses.


    This has been my life and passion @ 60 years.

    And that’s why we are going to showcase young people and their products in the Word and Wisdom Conference on Easter Monday, 22nd. Time: 10 a.m. Venue: Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli.


    60th Birthday and Book Reveal/Launch
    Date: Saturday, 27th April 2019
    Time: 12 Noon
    Venue: Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli.

    God Bless You.


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