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    Value Is An Opportunity Cost

    Opportunity cost is the alternative you forgo to get something else. The preferred action or object is usually a measure of the value you attach to it.

    A pastor once died, and several of his church members came to his so-called service of songs and said several good things about him. When it was the turn of the wife to speak, she thanked them for their kind words, but she told them that they should have said these nice things when he was alive. She said that there were times he prepared beautiful messages, but they were not there to listen or even appreciate him.

    Some great men of God passed on to glory recently, and I noticed so many good things said about them; I always wondered if any of these commentators would ever send anything to their widows. If 2000 people sent N5000 naira to her, it amounts to Ten Million Naira. It will go a long way.

    Evangelist Samson Ojakovo has been very appreciative and helpful. He and many others have been of great help.

    I have told my children that they should not celebrate my death; rather, they should celebrate my life while I am living.

    People will buy expensive wrappers and clothes for someone they never gave 1000 Naira when they were alive. In Nigeria, sadly, the dead has more value than the living. People will travel long distances for the burial of someone they never visited.

    I need your contributions for this project instead of my funeral.

    I don’t have value for dead things; I prefer things that will outlive me.

    When I was doing those broadcasts, I knew I was on my own and it was an action I needed to take based on the value I have for this nation.

    If my life and ministry has blessed you, contribute your token to this project. To support the Petra Institute Dream, please use any of the following links: https://paystack.com/pay/support_petra_institute_effurun_otor, https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/petrapublications.

    God Bless You.

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