Lagos Master Class for Gospel Artistes and staff under EeZee Conceptz label, done and dusted.

It was an awesome lecture series. Though a very exclusive audience of Gospel musical stars like Mercy Chinwo, Judy Kay, GUC, Chidinma, and members of staff of EeZee Conceptz, it was very impactful and deeply spiritual too.

The CEO of EeZee Conceptz made me proud with the great strides he has made since moving from Port-Harcourt to Lagos. There are times you just have to move. Don’t get arrested by emotional attachment to people, places, and positions. Emotionalism can become very big handcuffs. Emotionalism does not pay bills. He is a mentee I’m so proud of. He listened to me as a student at the Abia State University, Uturu, during the Eagles Conference organised by another mentee, Dr. Paul de Beloved, a student of Optometry, then, in 2005, and refused to be an Eagle amongst chickens.

Dr. Paul also ran with the vision of the Eagles Conference I shared with him during his visit to Petra Christian Academy, Ughelli, to attend the Word and Wisdom Conference. He, too, is doing very very well.

Part of eternal life is to plant part of your life in people and watch them flourish. Empowerment is not only in cash and materials. Ideas in a fertile and ready mind can yield more dividends than a docile and parasitic mind with an entitlement mentality that you give a million Naira as empowerment.

An empowered idiot becomes a dangerous person to himself and society.

By the time you read this post, the Eagle would have landed in another city.

Remember to pray for me.

God bless you my dear brethren.

I’m your friend, Dr Charles Apokiiiiii.

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