Focus On Your Life and Your Visions

    Don’t ever wish you were another person.

    Self-appreciation is very essential in determining self-worth. What is not defined can hardly be refined.

    It is in the acceptance of who I am, that provides the raw material for my self-improvement. I must destroy myself if my desire is to be another person. I realised and knew that my pathway to my set goals would require hard work and focus in all I do.

    Happiness is an indigene of my heart; it’s not my environment or what I have that determines my joy. My wife always tells me that I get excited over little things; true, there is no instrument called ‘happitometer’ or ‘joyoscope’.

    The garden of Eden was declared by God as very good. Adam and Eve had everything and anything, but Eve desired only that one that was denied them, without even attempting to utilize the others made available to her.

    Lucifer and a host of demons were not happy in heaven.

    Position, income, and location will not make you happy if your mind is not renewed.

    If you don’t currently live the kind of life you admire in others, live your current life with so much intensity that those you currently admire will be attracted to you.

    Madam Ladi Kwali did so well with our local pottery that she became a celebrity and is on our currency. Her traditional ruler or the Chief Imam of her time did not attain her legacy. She is in our N20 note with our late Head of State.

    Know your lot; have the guts to put a lot into your life. Live it intentionally and intensely; leave a legacy.

    It’s my lot to be doing what I’m doing now, and I will make the best until I start the next vision, which is going to be a hospital for my people.

    God Bless You.

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