Counsel from a grandfather.

    1. There is no strong man when it comes to adultery or sexual temptation.

    If David and Samson could fall into reckless sexual adventurism, any man can fall any day.

    2. Do not glamorise sex.

    There is too much sexuality in our music and films. Most of them are fake stimulants.

    The most abused word is love. That feeling you call love, when your penis is erect, is common sense leaving your brain.

    I asked my wife when I was 60 years old if it is that feeling we had, when I told her when she was 19 and I was 21 years old, that I wanted to marry her, that was still keeping us going? She said no, that it was responsibility that has kept us together.

    3. Sex is like a soup cooked in a very large pot and served in different types and shapes of plates and food flasks.

    Some are served in disposable plates, some others in clay pots, and yet some with leaves; its basically the same soup. When you cum, your stupid manifestation is still the same, no matter the container. You need to see your face in a mirror.

    Cumming is a stupid display that should be sacred, reserved only for your wife.

    After cumming in sex served in “take-away containers”, the first thing that comes to your mind is shame and regret, if you still have a soul.

    4. Don’t get too familiar with women.

    Don’t call them my darling if they are not your wife.

    5. Don’t be in a room alone with a woman.

    Always keep the office door open or have a chaperone.

    Lead me not into temptation is cheaper than deliver us from evil“, according to Bishop Sam Oyede.

    5. Any deliverance prayer that cannot be done in a public place will make the deliverer need deliverance himself.

    Any demon that does not go away in 30 minutes has other plans. The carrier of the demon should be referred to another man of God. After all, the demon has not killed the sister before now. Back to sender!

    6. Avoid travelling with ladies alone.

    Try and travel with your wife or family member.

    7. When you start missing a lady that is not your wife, please tell yourself, “it is okay, put off the microphone”.

    According to Warri children, “na play play dey turn to eat and go“.

    Your penis has no self-respect.

    Please respect yourself.

    Jehovah that has helped this Warri boy will also help you in Jesus Name. Amen.

    God Bless You.

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