1. Sex is like drinking a cold Coca-Cola drink from a glass on a very hot day with a toothpick.

    You can never get enough.

    2. No woman is endowed with all you need to satisfy you sexual fantasy.

    Any where you look, there are all kinds, shapes, and colours of women.

    You do not need to be the best. As a couple, make the best of what you have.

    When the ideal is not available, make the best of what you have.

    3. Even if we remove going to heaven or hell, adultery is a breach of trust.

    Imagine if your wife does what you do?

    You should have some level of credibility as a man.

    4. Your penis has no self-respect. It vomits when it is satisfied and goes into coma.

    Remember, it has a head but no brain. It walks with the head upside down.

    If you love yourself, control your sexual urge.

    Adultery reduces you to the price of the loaf of bread. In biblical days, most households made their own bread, so bread was of no real value.

    Adultery makes you look cheap in the eyes of that cheap woman.

    Women respect men who respect themselves.

    Don’t let them call you, “That Mkpi, Okri, or He-goat.

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