1. The killing in Ughelli because of cult vengeance does not make sense.

2. The person who introduced confraternities to Nigeria, the Pyrates Confraternity, is a Nobel prize winner in literature.

What have you achieved at your age?

3. Professor Wole Soyinka has lived a fulfilled life. His hair and beards are all grey because he is an elder statesman, a respectable and an international one for that matter.

Why will you die a useless death in the streets of your locality?

It does not make sense!

4. Why will your mate send you to go fight and injure someone who you do not have a personal fight with?

It does not make sense!

Do you know rich and reasonable people don’t fight their fights? They use senseless people.

5. How many hitmen have lived a fulfilled life?

Observe that most of them live “jagaga and scatter-scatter” lives. They are mostly local champions with rubbish reputations

6. How many of your big men will allow you to marry their daughters?

7. How many of their children are in the streets with you?

8. You pay levies and dues for what you do not earn a salary for?

Does it make sense?

9. Why cause unnecessary pain and grief to your parents and family by dying a foolish death?

10. If you want to prove that you are a hard man and not a “jew“, go and chase the bandits raping and killing our people in their farmlands.

In those days, we were Warri Boys or Omo Bendel; we were a family.

Only lazy and senseless people kill family members.

Stop the senseless cultist killings.


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