In my last post, I talked about leadership in a chaotic and crisis situation

There were some crazy young folks who, just before the lockdown order in their country, decided on a competition on who is most reckless in breaking the rules and cautionary practices stipulated to avoid COVID-19 infection. Some decided to use their tongues to lick public toilet seats and handrails in public transport. They eventually contacted the virus and some died. 

There are some people who tempt the devil; they magnet problems. When trouble is asleep, they deliberately wake up trouble. A lot of them feel they are invincible, either out of stupidity, presumptuous faith, or zeal without knowledge. Others feel they know too much or they are just obstinate and cynical. They are people who react impulsively without calming down to reason.

Most of such people are brainwashed admirers of politicians, religious leaders, or musical stars; they are usually blind followers. I have seen a lot of them in my adult life. The followers of Rev. Jim Jones willingly drank poisoned fruit juice in the forest of Guyana in 1978.

The Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin struck down the orders of the State Governor who had imposed lockdown orders in the state. And within hours, bars were opened and some were packed full, with people sitting closely without face masks, drinking and laughing in a confined space. It was as if they were making mockery of the Governor.

Excessive freedom can turn into slavery, according to Plato. 

Those who are governed by the appetites pay a big price with their bodies or souls. An unbridled appetite for sex, food, money, adventure, and popularity is usually rewarded with disgrace or disaster.

My prayer is that these fellows will not become the epicentre of the spread in Wisconsin State. 

Only one person that went to several parties in just one night in Seoul, South Korea, led to hundreds of infections. 

Time is an impartial judge. Time will prove if freedom is more important than responsibility, discretion, and safety. Time will prove if COVID-19 respects the Supreme Court judgements or not.

I am usually a radical, but I am not reckless. I  always give myself to be guided by wisdom

I strongly detest herd irresponsibility and mob stupidity. I don’t do things because of the crowd. The crowd is like the clouds; after a while you are alone, and your eyes will face the clarity of reality.

I have had cause to advise thousands of youths from different denominations, tribes, and nations. I have also counseled many adults and even my family members. I have taken time to do a followup of people over a period of 40 years now. I have come to realise that the Bible is very correct when it says, “Rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft”.

Rebellion, against wise counsel and principles, short-circuits God’s purpose in your life, and by implication, you deprive humanity the purpose of your existence and the divine investment in your life. You deprive humanity the benefit of your existence. By resisting and depriving humanity of the benefit inherent in your creation and existence, you have implicitly practiced witchcraft.

Witchcraft is resistance to purpose, fruitfulness, productivity, and self actualization.

A rebellious person sending Holy Ghost fire to kill his enemies is begging God to kill himself or herself; because that person is his/her greatest enemy.

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I had a young man who lived with me for a while, and I showed him the path to take to greatness, but he deliberately chose to do otherwise. There was a time I counseled him about his marriage; he told me he had the right to enjoy himself in committing adultery. I told him he should also have the responsibility to foot the bills and the consequences. He impregnated the adultress and had a son that he is currently not able to cater for. I told him when he wanted to marry a school dropout that he should not complain to me later about her attitudes. He gave me all kinds of reasons why he wants to marry her. With time, he started complaining. Today, they are divorced and the family is scattered. A few days back, he was soliciting for financial assistance from me. I told him not to bother me. I gave him a fair chance, invested in him, gave him material assistance, but he rebelled against my counsel. Time has proved me right. 

Time is a slow judge; but it is very unemotional. Experience is a painful teacher. I prefer to learn from counsel than to learn from experience.

hourglass judge

A 67-year-old female American collapsed and died recently in a hotel in Nigeria. She was with a young Nigerian young enough to be her son. They were screened for COVID-19, their results came out negative. That young man will have to explain to the police and the FBI how the woman died. I suspect that he was one of those young men that dupe desperate Caucasian cougars who have sexual fantasies of escapades with African young men. Time has passed its judgement and awarded them their prize. That’s the way time passes judgement.

One of the decisions I took during this lockdown is that I will hardly argue with people. I will not persuade people. A lot of people argue just because of their ego; some have a problem with the ability to calm down and assimilate ideas without airing their opinions. Others are ignorant and arrogant; they feel inadequate if they don’t talk. My decision, henceforth, is that you are right no matter how foolish you sound. When it comes to politics and religious issues, you are also right. No arguments. Time is an impartial judge. 

Even with my family members, when I give you counsel and you choose otherwise, I will behave like the father of the prodigal son; I will not argue with you. Time is an impartial judge. 

I noticed that the same God that says come let us reason together, does not argue or debate with people. Time always proves Him right. 

I have a very bad attitude once I warn an individual about an issue and the consequences start to manifest with time; I jealously guard my heart. I don’t allow your rebellious attitude cause me sleepless nights. You can’t eat your cake and eat my own.

My family members know that about me. My love for you as a member of the family is not measured by how much of your irresponsibility and stupidity I’m able to accommodate. If you willingly become stupid and irresponsible as a member of my family, be ready to bear the pain and the consequences. I do not reward stupidity and irresponsibility.

The relaxation of the lockdown in many countries and territories are economic decisions. The court order in Wisconsin and the one in Lagos State that struck down executive orders are judicial decisions. There are religious decisions to be taken in some nations. However, let truth be said, none of these decisions were taken in consultation with the novel coronavirus. The coronavirus has a mind and agenda of its own. It has no respect for the judiciary, executive, or religious leaders. 

We must do what is right and fight it with the right instruments and instructions.

There are several prophecies, pronouncements, and predictions that have come out previously about this, and are still coming out, but only time will tell. 

Time is an impartial judge; keep safe and stay safe.

God Bless You.


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