When Your Past Visits Your Present

    Time is an impartial judge and a very harsh teacher.

    We get old too quickly and get wise too late.

    Time and chance happen to everyone, but your decisions, choices, dreams, and drive are great determinants of your future.

    Reality is deaf and dumb; it can see all your excuses and challenges, but it does not respond. You have to face it and act, or it will stare at you in the future without commenting. Only you and those around you will be running the commentaries. Pass all the blames, give all the excuses, and reality will just be staring at you. Confront reality early in your life so that it does not make a mockery of you later in life.

    I suspect I was the only one, resident in a mud house, with two illiterate parents, amongst my classmates, who came to GCU from Warri, 50 years back. I confronted the reality of poverty and inferiority complex head-on. We were about 7 who read medicine from my class. One is a cardio-thoracic surgeon, another an orthopaedic surgeon, and yet another, an anaesthesiologist of global repute. But I intentionally chose to be a general practitioner and a businessman.

    I intentionally decided that my son would be a medical specialist and had always wished that my sons marry medical doctors.

    My wife would always tell me not to preach around Nigeria without having evidence to show for my so-called motivational speaking. I used to insist that the buildings at Petra Christian Academy reach an impressive standard. I would tell them that my friends will come from all over the world to visit Petra Christian Academy. The past has come visiting.

    My wife lived in one room separated by “crossbed” with her elder sister in a compound that shared a short fence with my classmates called Okotie Lawyer and Okotie Doctor at Urhobo Road in Alderstown Warri. If you listened carefully to the video you will hear him telling my classmates how I used to sneak to come to see my wife then (the one with eyes like Tinubu). The past came to visit the present.

    All fingers are not equal but don’t be the smallest one. Even if you are the smallest, be a functionally relevant finger with an attractive manicure.

    My wife and I resolved, worked very hard and smartly, and by the grace of God, when the past came visiting, it did not meet us where and how we used to be.

    There is a place called THERE, there are many legitimate ways to get THERE.

    I was not aggressively intentional until I was 40 years old and God’s grace enlightened and empowered me.

    God Bless You.

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