CEO of Jaclux Paints, Joseph Ndife. Thanks for your patronage.

    The earth is formatting itself, having a necessary reset-not just the natural part of it.

    Several things, systems, structures, and societies will never be the same again as a result of this corona virus pandemic.

    People are going to question a lot of belief systems, even in our denominations.

    A lot of things and persons and organisations are going to lose relevance.

    If you are wise, this is a time of sober reflection, re-evaluation, and restrategizing. It is also a time of restraint. The irony is that persons who should keep quiet and reflect are still sticking to their old perceptions of how people see them.

    Many people have lost faith in many people and many organisations. We need new ideas and truths to operate in this period and afterwards.

    I had built my businesses on the Base of the Pyramid Theorem by C. K. Prahalad.

    Out of the about 7 billion people on earth, about 4.5 billion people live at the base of the pyramid (BoP). This theorem postulates that if you can target the needs of those at the base of the pyramid, that you will create a lot of wealth and be socially relevant. It also postulates that the poor are consumers with values; so to be relevant to them, you have to give them good products at affordable prices, and they will patronize you.

    That is what I have been teaching and it is very correct. There is even a center for it headed by Ted London in Michigan University, where C.K. Prahalad lectured.

    However, another truth dawned on me during this lock-down.

    If I had to sell my chickens, then I needed to reach the elite who are online. They can drive down to pick their chickens. They can pay by electronic transfer even in the lock-down. They are not likely to be harassed by security agents, They, or their wives would not want to go to the market with the fear of corona virus.

    I had to break the barrier of space and time-the formula of ministry and business without boundaries (Ambassador Raymond Orogun Ugbeh).

    I also noticed that the neatness of your birds attract the elite class. So, I have been selling online; though they come to pick them. Some persons placed orders from Lagos and the UK for their mothers, who are resident in Ughelli. My post on this blog was read from several nations including Saudi Arabia and India.

    The other parallel truth is that people are coming to buy eggs more during the lock-down. At least they will need eggs for breakfast. Eggs might not be as expensive as the birds, but everyone eats it.

    In summary, the Base of the Pyramid Theorem is correct, but also producing for the elite is also correct. I will work with both of them.

    My radio program, every Wednesday, by 6:30 a.m. on Quest FM 93.1, was suspended because of the lock-down. The studio now opens by 12 noon. So, after the knockdown, I will need to find a way to broadcast online.

    Think outside what you have been used to.

    Relate with new people with the latest and relevant ideas and information.

    God Bless You.


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