Every day, you create an effect on those you come across.

    You either create joy, or you create sadness and pain.

    Most people don’t buy your products, they by your personality. People do not really patronize your services, most times, they patronize the effect of your services on them.


    When I sell chickens, I really don’t sell chickens, I market joy and laughter.

    When I preach, I don’t really preach theology, I preach hope and a future that Christ can bring to people.

    People like me, who grew up with extreme poverty, dysfunctional families, and many deficiencies that God put laughter in their mouths, instead of bitterness, let you know it is not over with you yet, even though it is finished on Calvary. No past tense.

    I make you laugh at your challenges, but at the same time, create hope and determination.

    When I am in the school I market discipline and excellence. I market diligence and excellence. I don’t market humour without discipline in the school. My students honour and admire Big Uncle, but they dread crossing some lines. I don’t spare the rod.

    When I mentor people, I show them how I have done it, how I am doing it, and how I am going to do it. Sometimes, I can be really hard and brash, deliberately, with lazy and foolish people. I don’t tolerate arrogant stupidity.

    IF corona virus infection can change and disrupt the way we have been living, you can positively infect your world. Think of Amazon, Google, Netflix, Uber etc.

    I woke up by about 4:20 a.m. today to dispatch dressed chickens to Okuokoko, near Warri, en route Osubi to my customer. My wife personally dressed them.

    Easter is not about emotionalism and sensationalism; it is about commitment to change the course of humanity. Easter was the culmination of a project that god planned from the foundation of the earth.

    What is your next project after the lock-down? What are you currently working on during the lock-down?

    Don’t get carried away by the religious emotionalism of this weekend. It is only an agreed date to reflect on the commitment that Christ had towards saving humanity.

    Love has a price before the prize.

    God Bless You.


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