The network of people you associate with, most times, is a measure of your net worth.

Margaret-Mary Ezana, thanks for your patronage.

One of the things you must deliberately do after this period of lock-down is to intentionally build a network of reasonable and responsible people who have value for themselves and who have value for you.

Deliberately relate with people who can bring value to your life.

No matter what you do and how much you try, toxic people will want to bring you down, discourage you, or sarcastically talk to you.

Toxic people are the real lock-down in most lives, not COVID-19.

Those who will buy your goods or pay for your services don’t really haggle prices for long.

Apply Pareto Principle to your life.

20% of the people you relate with will bring 80% of all the progress you make. 80% of the people will only contribute 20% of your progress.

It is those who contribute least to your life that create 80% of the stress you have in life.

God Bless You.


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