Making Use Of Every Space And Opportunities

    I reside on half an acre.

    I have always wanted to retire early from medical practice, and I did at 40.

    I cherish my liberty and control of my time. I like to run in my own lane, at my own pace, and in my own space. I detest regimentation, compulsion, and uniformity. I like to be different and be myself. However, I found out that I needed financial and intellectual independence to achieve this.

    I also realized that there are opportunities everywhere in small units.

    I found out that it is not size, statistics, structures, or status that determine success or satisfaction. I set out to derive joy from doing little things that I can lay my hands on to produce results. I don’t really need to enjoy what I do, but I’m compelled to love it because I enjoy results.

    I have been harnessing very little opportunities around me from my waste papers (from our small printing press), to my vehicle scraps, my small desktop publications, and the fishes in my tanks.

    As you can see in one of the videos, l have plantains in the same compound. I picked eight plantain suckers from a dumpsite and planted them in addition to two others a pastor gave to me. I have been selling suckers and plantain chips for years from them. I hardly bought unripe plantain for close to 4 years to feed my late mother-in-law who was diabetic. Just calculate 200 Naira daily for 4 years, and you will know how much I saved. This is different from plantain chips I sell.

    I celebrate small things because I never had it easy in my early life.

    I want to encourage our young ones and even pensioners to do multiple small things within their environment.

    There is a bigger stage we are growing into.

    If you can’t manage small things with a great heart, great things will break your heart.

    God Bless You.

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