The picture below is one I took with my customers who came to buy “holy broilers” one morning. Some came to buy the previous day too.

    selling time

    The church in Africa needs to balance her theopraxis (which is the combination of two Greek word theos—which means God—and praxis—which means practice). It is used to express a realistic preaching of the Gospel for meaningful living on a sustainable basis.

    Isaac invested in the land, and it was from his sales and transactions that he became rich. God caused the increase, but Isaac had reserve grains to plant. He had servants to do the clearing and harvesting, and then processing, which involves a lot of labour. It is in the harvest and sales that the evidence of the blessing lies. If he did not follow due agricultural practices, he will not have a good harvest.

    As mentioned in an earlier post, Law of Exception and Exemption—Isaac in Gerar, Isaac had deep wells to water his crops. The Grace of God leveraged on existing capacity. Isaac had a skilled labour force. Isaac was also a deep thinker. His new bride met him in his business place in deep meditation. He was not running from crusade to crusade, or conference to conference. He had an economic base.

    Six days shalt thou labour, the Bible says. The church that keeps people in her four walls from Sunday to Sunday, including several nights of prayers and several days of fasting, can produce several evangelists like we have today ‘on fire’ in motor parks, buses, and small rooms. Some run all over the place creating problems because they see anointing as wealth. However, they cannot make great economic and social impact with this attitude.

    The revivalists most people quote like A. A. Allen, John G. Lake, Seymour, etc. were not the ones who built the economies and infrastructural development of their nations.

    The man who said, “Give me Scotland or I die” did not develop Scotland. Revivals are great, but they don’t produce jobs or feed people. From T. L. Osborn to Bonnke, and even Benny Hinn (great evangelists I agree), but their great miracle crusades have not improved the economies of Africa in comparison to the Middle East.

    I thank God for missionary schools and hospitals and Roman Catholic farms. We must separate missionaries, revivalists, and apostles from business people.

    Africans must be told that God will bless the labours of their hands in addition to their prayers.

    If after selling my hospital, I started disturbing people to care of my needs, I would have discouraged my family and people from my hometown.

    God Bless You.

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