I recently spoke in the Refined Species Convention of the The Refined People’s Assembly on The Power of Knowledge and Becoming a Financial Giant.

    Lessons of Life

    God created man in His own image and likeness. That is to say that man had all the attributes of God, albeit in a miniaturized form.

    God is all-knowing, but man was not all-knowing. However, he had the ability to administer and improve on the earth. The intrinsic nature of God in Adam enabled him to name all the animals in the garden without assistance from God. God was impressed by his ability. 

    However, when the devil came to tempt Eve, she was carried away by blind ambition and the allure of the fruit. If Adam and Eve had conferred, they would have known that they were already like God. They should have agreed to wait for God before acting. In the first instance, Adam deployed his mental capacity. In the instance of the temptation, he failed to deploy the same mental capacity.

    He was intellectually paralyzed by negligence. Why did he not question Eve and the serpent to know the subject of their discussion? 

    He was also intellectually paralyzed by emotionalism. He could have rejected the fruit, but he ate it because it was from his wife whom he loved. 


    Don’t ever suspend the use of your brain because of ‘love’. Don’t let love affect you brain. Leave it at the level of the heart. Those who have excelled in life never allow it. 

    That’s why divorce rate is very high among very successful people. You can still do this compartmentalized mindset without divorce, but learn to draw boundaries. That was the problem with Samson and Delilah.

    When I found it unsafe to keep my mother’s great grandchildren in my school and home, I expelled them. 

    Don’t let emotionalism overwhelm your sense of judgement.

    When you fail to use your brain to analyse suggestions that are usually unsolicited by outsiders to make financial and emotional decisions, you are bound to fail. 

    Have a principle of questioning every suggestion you are given in the light of your deep convictions and principles. And never take them in a hurry. 

    Why would someone tell you he will help you double your money in a week, when there are poor people in his family and community? 

    Why did the serpent not eat the fruit first and become like God?

    The next thing that can paralyze your sense of judgement is religion. 

    That a man performed a miraculous act or called the name of Jesus does not compel you to follow every suggestion he gives. Even if it is scriptural, question the intention of the person and the spirit behind his actions.

    Use your brain to plan. Planning and acting on a regular basis creates the future.


    Always take a second second look. 

    Recently, our primary school section was flooded and it was at the peak of our admission  season. I initially accepted the situation as normal and new parents were stepping into water to collect admission forms. I knew I was breeding a disastrous situation that could affect me adversely. 

    I took a second look and realized that I had the materials to build what we call “monkey bridge” in the Niger Delta. I called my driver, who brought concrete blocks and I opened up my store for planks. In less than 2 hours, we built a monkey bridge and parents and students no longer had to wade through water to collect forms and books. In fact, my granddaughter derives so much pleasure from walking on the monkey bridge on her own.

    My wife was already blaming the devil for the flood. But the meteorological agency had warned of increased rainfall and flooding even before the rains, I failed to use my brains. 

    Those who fail to use their brains always blame others for their failures and disastrous outings.

    The problem with the African and most underdeveloped societies is that they always look for whom to blame. We blamed colonial masters, then we blame the devil and demons, then we blamed our ancestors and curses on our land, and now we blame witches, wizards, and even wall geckos. 

    The Muslim nations blame America and Israel, as if Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi are blaming Israel for their own problems.

    Jesus carried thorns and thistles on His head to free your brain from the curse on the earth and the punishment on Adam and Eve for their disobedience.

    Our schools must teach people to use their brains. 

    The brain is like a muscle, the more you use it the more it develops. 

    The less you use it, the more useless it becomes.

    God Bless You.

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