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The Power Of Fellowship

What is Fellowship?

Fellowship is from the Hebrew word, Koinonia, which means to share, feel, care, and empathize with one another. It involves meeting together to facilitate these ideals.

When Paul said, “that I may know him and the fellowship of His suffering”, he meant that he wanted to properly evaluate, and imagine the pain and suffering Christ went through in his own body, not physically but emotionally.

Fellowship involves putting yourself in the other persons positions that you have chosen to be identified with. It means to feel each other’s pain and each other’s joy.

What is Power?

Power is the ability to achieve a task or project. It also involves authority―the ability to influence others to act in a desired way; in such a case, any deviant action involves sanctions and penance. Power is usually evaluated by result.

For the power of fellowship to be realized there must be the following:

1. Specificity of purpose

It is only what is defined that can be refined. Youth fellowship should be tailored towards imparting qualities that will enhance young people transiting from one stage to another. It should involve training people in leadership roles (political, spiritual, and business).

2. Marital Responsibilities

Training and teaching on the purpose, principles, and challenges of marriage.

3. Grooming our young people for roles in marriage

A lot of young people go into marriage without a proper understanding of who they are. If a young girl is taught early of who she is and the role that is definitely expected of her as a female, she will not start sleeping with any man she comes across. It will help her restrain, retrain, prepare, plan, and package herself; so also, for our young men.

If he knows what demands are going to be placed on him as a young man when married, he starts being responsible very early. He develops the potentials to function, and potentials are untapped power.

4. A place to develop talents, skills, and potentials

Through seminars and provision of platforms to practice and perform, talents can be identified, expressed, and developed.

5. The presence of God

Genesis 11:5-7, Psalm 133

The presence of God makes the difference between a fellowship and any other meeting. The presence of God is the essence of God; but it is only when it is released that His gifts are released, ministries are discovered and people are empowered. unity

6. Unity

Nothing stands before a united set of believers filled with the Spirit of God. It is like ants working in harmony in a termitarium; they are about to achieve much more together than individually.

The Sardine and Shark Experience

When sardines move in the ocean, they move in a big mass called a school. There are sensors by the sides of the sardines that synchronizes their movements. When a shark or whale sees the mass with uniocular vision, it imagines them to be one big creature and avoids them. However, once some rebellious sardines create a gap and sunrays pass through, the shark realizes that they are not a mass but individuals. It goes in between them and eats them.

Animals hunt in groups―lions, foxes, hyenas, etc. The group often achieves more results. Families that are united achieve more.

Fellowships in past times were such that if one sinned, others would weep as if all sinned. Fellowships contributed school fees to train those whose parents rejected them because of their faith. That is unity and love expressing the power of fellowship. We are able to project each other if we are united in prayers.

When Peter was arrested, the church prayed together and the bars of iron and prison gates opened on their own.

7. Regulatory power of fellowshipping

When you fellowship regularly with good Christians, there is the tendency of their Godly nature to rub off on you; they provide models.

Godliness, like sinfulness, is like magnetism. When a magnet stays near a piece of soft iron, it acquires magnetic properties by induction. The closer they are together, the more the induction.


When people fellowship and the standards of expectation behaviourally are high, people tend to check themselves because of the cloud of witnesses.

God Bless You.


  1. Sir, this is very enlightening. But these points you made are almost none existent anymore. It is really painful because when I was quite young even before my teens, the church was where one runs to during troubles. There must be someone to talk to and share problems with as at earlier times. But now I don’t understand what’s happening. I’m praying we don’t all lose that which our Good Lord gave to us.

    Liked by 1 person

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