SOS4 Visit to Ibru College

Our SOS4 campaign took us to Ibru College, Agbarah-Otor, Delta State, this morning.

We spoke to them on the dangers of cultism.

I found out the cultism has permeated the very fabric of our primary and secondary schools. If we can do the following now that the students are still young, we can reduce the number of young people who will slide into cultism later. It is better now to influence them than to send security agents to arrest them later.

I made them realize the satanic foundation of cultism and the aim of the devil to destroy them. I tried to paint a proper picture of several gory deaths of young cultists I knew.

We made sure that cultism was painted in the right colours and made it as unattractive as it is.

I found that I needed to paint a picture of an alternative model. Cultists in our environment seem to be attracted to people without a strong sense of direction.

Several students got born again. At least, let them here the Gospel.

I want to thank the SOS4 team—Pastor Raymond Orogun Nduka Ugbeh, Counsellor Denis Agori, and Charles Edo for their support.

I also want to thank the Principal and members of staff for making the meeting a great success.

The writer of ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’,  David Wilkerson, said,

“You win over people just like you win over a dog. You see a dog passing down the street with an old bone in his mouth. You don’t grab the bone from him and tell him it’s not good for him. He’ll growl at you. It’s the only thing he has. But you throw a big fat lamb chop in front of him, and he’s going to drop that bone and pick up the lamb chop, his tail wagging to beat the band. And you’ve got a friend. Instead of going around grabbing bones from people… I’m going to throw them some lamb chops. Something with real meat and life in it. I’m going to tell them about New Beginnings.”

We must provide direction and motivation and new models for our students.

You can be partners in this great endeavour alongside Salimo Wits Foundation. You can call us on +2348028258702 or send a mail to for more inquiries on partnering in the SOS4 Program.

God Bless You.

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