With this post, we’ll be concluding this series on the The Spirit of Esau. Previously, we’ve looked at The Spirit of EsauWhy did God hate Esau?The Spirit of Esau and Legacy, and The Spirit Of Esau And Recklessness, The Seed Of Esau—Would you have forgiven Jacob?, and Esau Stopped Being A Hunter.

Esau reconciled with Jacob, but before then, about twenty years must have passed. A lot of bridges must have passed under the waters. Edom or Esau must have told his children about the wrong that Jacob, his brother, did to him. His wives must have narrated the stories of their deceptive uncle to the children with a lot of exaggerations and amplification.

It is very dangerous to do evil within a family, even though evil is bad. Never ever take undue advantage of a family member.

In Numbers 20:14-21Moses sent messengers to the King of Edom with the same language their ancestor, Jacob, used, “This is what your brother, Israel, says: . . .” However, the brotherhood had been destroyed by years of anger, even though Jacob and Esau had reconciled. The King of Edom denied Israel the right of passage and came out with a large and strong army, ready to fight them, unlike the 400 men their ancestor, Esau, came to meet Jacob with.

In 2 Samuel 8:13-14David killed 18,000 Edomites and he made all Edomites subject to him.

The rivalry culminated with reign of  the Herod dynasty. King Herod the Great was scared of the emergence of a new king when the wise men told him of a new born king. He subsequently ordered the killing of several Jewish children. In Acts 12:1-6, there is a continuation of the same anger and enmity between Jacob and Esau.

It is true that the children of Esau became kings before the children of Israel, but the King of kings is a descendant of Jacob. That was the blessing and the choice. 

However, it is instructive to note that we must avoid family enmity that goes beyond us to our children. The rule is: Don’t tell the children; let the hurt end with us.

Esau can forgive Jacob, but who knows what the descendants will do to themselves.

God Bless You.


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